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Ferro Tech India Pvt Ltd

Ferro Tech India Pvt Ltd is striving to establish and cement a leadership position in international trade of ferroalloys and steel products as well as providing consultancy services to Steel and Oil & Gas industry.

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A. Ferroalloys

  • FeNi
  • FeMo
  • FeB
  • FeNb
  • and other Ferroalloys

B. Steel

  • Hot Rolled Plates
  • Hot Rolled Coils
  • Billets – Square, RCS, Round bars
  • Bars and Wire rods

C. Oil Country Goods

  • Seamless Line Pipe, in accordance with ASTM, API, ASME, ANSI standards
  • Tubes & U-bent tubes for boilers & heat exchangers in accordance to ASTM or other international standards
  • Finned tubes - Type of materials supplied: carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel
  • Valves


Optimalloy is an independent vertical of Ferro Tech India Pvt Ltd, which was created to meet the needs of the alloying elements more specifically the micro alloys, with a difference.

Key Features

  • Optimalloy aims at providing alloying material to the steel industry from stocks close to the steel plants in India and manage inventories for them to maintain just in time delivery model
  • It would provide interactive software to the customer with which the customer has access to the stock data of Optimalloy and the ex-warehouse pricing on a real time basis. Likewise, the customer may choose to participate in Optimalloy and fix the reordering level for each alloying element and the pricing for quarter is fixed so that once the stock level reaches the reorder level, it automatically raises the indent and places order on Optimalloy to supply the quantities
  • Optimalloy would strive to get optimum prices by forging alliances with the top manufacturer of each ferroalloy thereby consolidating supplies and ensuring committed delivery especially for those elements which at times face demand exceeding supply
  • The real thing : Optimalloy though its team of elite metallurgists shares knowledge it has garnered over the years by being a part of innumerable innovative projects of value added steels. The Optimalloy metallurgists will strive to work with the customers for optimum alloying cost for value added steel especially in the area of Oil & Gas, Structural and Automotive industry. The service will be provided to the alliance customers by the indigenous team as well as International associates for developing value added end products in the steel industry. The alliance partner can also use the expertise of Optimalloy’s international associates.
  • Following are the resources associated with Optimalloy in this endeavour of changing the dynamics of the steel industry in India from a largely commercial steel production country to a value added steel manufacturing country.

Full Time Resources

  • Dr. Vishwanathan Nagarajan
  • Mr. Prashant Poojary
  • Mr. Bhushan Rakshe (Currently pursuing Ph.D in Sheffield University)

International Relationship

Ferro Techs over the years has develop strong relations with some of the most renowned metallurgists in the Oil & Gas Linepipe Steel industry.

Custom Bonded Warehouse

While Optimalloy will start operations with a warehouse in Eastern India close to the steel manufacturing hub, it has plans to start storing the material in custom bonded warehouse, thereby bringing down cost of capital employed to provide an efficient cost structure to its customers.


Tarini Infra Projects Pvt. Ltd.

Tarini Infra Projects was co-founded by Ferro Tech in partnership Sukanta Paricha. Mr. Paricha has experience of executing several water pipeline projects. This JV now planning on developing a upscale residential complex in Balangir, Odisha.


Edprosys India Pvt Ltd

Edprosys India Pvt Ltd was founded by Suraj Kumar Gantayat (PhD IIT-Bombay).

It was established with a vision to enrich student-teacher-parent triumvirate by providing software platforms that monitor student progress, track assignments, provide online discussion boards and other related features. The software solutions from Edprosys also enable school administrator to seamlessly monitor the process of administering schools by digitizing transcripts also allowing broad-connect to affiliated group of schools at the district, state, and national levels


  • Global Inclusion Award 2016 in Stockholm, Sweden
  • Youth Entrepreneur Award for India 2016, Mumbai

URL : www.edprosys.org

Ferro Tech FZE

Ferro Tech FZE is a 30% stakeholder in Jindal Tubular USA LLC, a world-class large diameter pipe manufacturer in North America. 

Email : ferrotechfze@hotmail.com
Mobile : +971 569360900


Teras Piping Solutions LLC and Teras Technology & Products DMCC

Websites: www.teraspiping.com | www.theteras.com
Enquiry: info@teraspiping.com
Mobile: +971 543225546